<![CDATA[covidisinfectant.com - NEWS BLOG]]>Wed, 07 Oct 2020 21:54:31 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[The demolition of citizen rights, data manipulation and technocratic spy-sleaze among those "advising" the British Government]]>Tue, 06 Oct 2020 15:37:42 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/the-demolition-of-citizen-rights-data-manipulation-and-technocratic-spy-sleaze-among-those-advising-the-british-governmentWhen I research this kind of stuff, it beats me how any adult can dismiss the content as "conspiracy theory"

Why has the UK Government removed Form 5 of the Cremation Certificate for deaths relating to Covid-19 under the 2020 Coronavirus Act?  It's the document that the relative registering a death has thus far been given in order to ascertain whether the cause of demise on a death certificate seems credible prior to cremation.
But last April, this citizen right was removed "until further notice":
It's from the Ministry of Justice. Isn't that wonderfully ironic? About as apt as Orwell's Ministry of Truth.
The State has done this to stop any questioning of the comorbidities involved along with Covid 19....thus making the myth of a Second Wave even easier to create.
Why else would they do it?
But there are plenty of Pharmafia insiders ready to debunk the evidence-free Second Wavers. The former Chief Science Officer for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Dr. Mike Yeadon says “there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen....false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are being used to manufacture a second wave based on new cases". He adds, “We are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting…all based on what may well be completely fake data on this 'Second Wave'
But the Job's Comfort Juggernaut moves ever onwards....a more than slightly odd State Narrative organisation has sprung out of nowhere to give us 'CommonPass'....a name eerily close to Common Purpose.
It aims (in its own words) to develop...

'...a standard global model to enable people to securely document and present their COVID-19 status (either as test results or an eventual vaccination status) to facilitate international travel and border crossing while keeping their health information private. Recognizing that countries will make sovereign decisions on border entry and health screening requirements, including whether or not to require tests or what type of test to require, CommonPass serves as a neutral platform which creates the interoperability needed for the various 'travel bubbles' to connect and for countries to trust one another's data by leveraging global standards.'
Classic commercial jargonised euphemisms for "Either you get vaccinated, or we won't let you go anywhere".
Aka, blackmail.
And so to another fine organisation "serving" the UK Covid19 Tsar.

The NHS's Healthtech Advisory Board (HAB) was created in 2018 to advise Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock. One of its members was Nicole Junkermann.
Junkermann has multiple links to Jeffrey Epstein. Yes, there he is again.
Our Nicole knew the Great Nonce for eighteen years. Other delightful people she hung around with included Ehud Barak and Peter Thiel through her investment in the Israeli intelligence-linked surveillance company. Most commentators accept as a given that she's an intelligence operative; the tricky part is working out who for.
But there are others on HAB with an equally murky circle of chums.

Hancock has taken the credit for forming HAB, but it wasn't his idea. No, the Health Advisory Board was the brainchild of one Daniel Korski. His former jobs include advisor to Hamid Karzai in post-invasion Afghanistan, the team leader of the Basrah Reconstruction Team in post-invasion Iraq, the Head of Political-Military Affairs for the Office of the High Representative to Bosnia-Herzegovina, a Committee Specialist for the House of Commons and a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations.
He's a big mate of guess who? Why, Sir Mark Sedwill. Old Pigswill, in case you were wondering, still has great sway over European Covid strategy as a whole, because he is the continent's Head of Bioweapon Counterintelligence. Which sort of suggests that Coronavirus Cov2-19 is being treated as a weapon of war.
Korski's cover is his role in the healthtecco Public.io he founded - which owns Eva Health Technology - a supplier of vaccination software. So, a spook and a vaccine salesman. That's the ticket.
Furthermore, he's an activist (as in traitorous) EU Remainer..... and a tax-dodger's bottom feeder.
While working for David Scameron, Korski acted as a bully boy for his mates at tax-evader tech-taxi giant, Uber. When a Transport for London (TfL) official asked to talk to him on the subject, he replied, 'as TfL does the kind of insane and luddite things you’re consulting on for private hire vehicles I can’t really see much point in discussing innovation and technology with you'.
It was a shot across TfL's bows, for the official had upset tax-dodgers Uber by making reference to how its UK earnings somehow wound up in the tax haven of Bermuda, via Holland. At the time, Boris Johnson was London mayor, and was batting for his fellow MP and liar Tim Yeo, who owned....a taxi company. Emails previously released under the Freedom of Information Act [FOI] show Korski having several "abusive" meetings with Johnson and his aides, and make reference to threatening letters sent to BoJo.
If, after reading all this, you conclude that these technocrat spies and grubby politicians deserve each other, nobody would be at all surprised.

Distinguised members of the Health Advisory Board
<![CDATA[BREAKING NEWS: Peter Horby to run human guinea-pig trials, Covid19 = No New Deaths, Permanent travel controls in the New Normal, and the longstanding endemic corruption of the Pharmafia.]]>Wed, 30 Sep 2020 07:00:23 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/breaking-news-peter-horby-to-run-human-guinea-pig-trials-covid19-no-new-deaths-permanent-travel-controls-in-the-new-normal-and-the-longstanding-endemic-corruption-of-the-pharmafia Picture
The man on your left is Professor Peter Horby – something of a skilled self-publicist. Teflon Horby is the man who conducted the ‘trials’ of Covid19 management drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). The French newpaper France Soir then cast justifiable doubt on both the doses of HCQ given to the trial patients (too high); and others have pointed out (a) that the Zinc etc cocktail normally prescribed for successful use of HCQ was not administered, and (b) the drug was given too long after C19 infection began.
As a result of this at best incompetent trial construction, Horby immediately launched into the social media with the dubious assertion that HCQ had no beneficial effect in the management of Covid19, and should be dumped. The assertion (because Horby is adept at snowing contrarian views by the use of media such as the influential but unreliable Marr Show on the BBC) had a dramatic effect on medical stablishments around the world, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) itself, the CDC in the US, and the Johnson Administration in the UK.
But the Horby findings fly in the face of experienced professional users of HCQ cocktails in France (Didier Raoult), India, China and the US. To date, nobody has been able to replicate his “findings” when the drug-mix is correctly administered.

In late April 2020, his University department announced an agreement with the UK-based global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for the further development, large-scale manufacture and potential distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate currently being trialled by the University. Horby’s work is also funded massively by another billionaire vaccination freak, the increasingly megalomanic Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook censorship infamy.
For a longer account in more detail of Horby’s Establishment and political affiliations, see this Slogpost from last May.
Only one other study has conclusively rubbished HCQ: that was foisted upon the world by fraudster Sapan Desai, a vascular surgeon and founder of Surgisphere. This tiny company conducted a bogus study that was uncovered and led to The Lancet retracting an article giving credence to Desai. Who was behind Desai, however, remains shrouded in mystery.

To say the least of it then, Professor Peter Horby’s findings keep company with some very odd coves.

You might ask why this controversial character is dubbed here ‘Teflon’ Horby. The answer is that accusations against this chap just slide off his pan and into the ether. He appears to be bombproof: not only is he still the team leader on ‘Recovery’ for the BoJo-Halfcock axis of blinkered idiocy, astonishingly he has been given the task of overseeing human guinea-pig trials of a vaccine by deliberately infecting volunteers with Covid19. I am assured that the announcement of the trial will be announced in the next two days at the latest.
What is this vaccine? Who developed it? Why has confidence in it now moved on to human beings?
In a statement to the press association, Horby said this guinea-pig trial “has real potential to advance science and get us to a better understanding of the disease and vaccines faster….the risk in a healthy young adult with no underlying conditions is extremely low.’
Horby is right in that last observation – but it is the diametric opposite of what the vaccination Covidiot alarmists have been saying….and what led directly to the economically disastrous across the board Lockdown.
It also conflicts with a British Medical Journal (BMJ) article Horby signed up to which was still insisting on September 1st 2020 that ‘Disease resulting from infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has a high mortality rate with deaths predominantly caused by respiratory failure.’
What on Earth might go wrong then, Professor: patients dying from a “rush job” like the Recovery trial in which, allegedly, 38 patients died?
To say it raises as many questions as it does eyebrows is to understate the very clearly irresponsible nature of this move. But such is the gung-ho, sloppy secrecy that surrounds everything being ordered via decree by this, easily the most constitutionally vandalising Government in recent history.
Nota bene: We have to ask ourselves why – when HCQ is supposedly persona non grata now in Establishment circles – makers of the drug are still producing large supplies of it….even in the UK. Sources in British pharamaceutical circles tell me, for example, that Accord Health’s factory in North East England is still “producing millions of HCQ doses on the assumption that, sooner or later, the blinkered Westminster cabal will realise what an important drug hydroxychloroquine could be”.
I put this to Accord, and got this statement back:
Accord Healthcare is committed to supporting the NHS and patients, whether it is to assist in the quest to end the pandemic, or to ensure that patients continue to have access to the medicines they need.  We always strive to do the right thing at the right time. By its very nature, Covid-19 is an unpredictable entity and whilst we support COPCOV which is a prevention study, we are continuing to monitor and assess the situation, so that we can act accordingly for the benefit of patients.
Make of that what you will. The question I ask is, in the absence of a straight denial, why are guinea-pig vaccine trials on humans being headed up by a man whose competence is in question when we have plenty of evidence (once fraud has been removed from the equation) to show that we already have a management drug (in fully supply mode right here in Britain) that will – if used properly – cut the death rate of the elderly infected by 85%?
And remember, Horby himself has now admitted that in younger age groups with no other pathogens, “the risk of death is extremely low”.

The answer to “why?” is this: Whitehall, the biosecurity services (headed by Sir Mark Sedwill) and Boris Johnson are working for Big Pharma in particular…and possibly also the ‘grander’ agenda espoused by the likes of Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg and others inside the Davos cabal.
If they were working for us, they’d put massive security onto Care Homes, supply us with efficacious masks, get the economy running again at full tilt, and accept that Coronavirus as a typology is the new flu….basically, same as the old flu.
But there is neither money nor power in that option. And so it will not be adopted.
As for Manflu Halfcock, who knows? He’s unpleasant enough to know the inside track and go with it…but probably, quite genuinely, this nonentity is working right now in the sort of way you’d expect a blinkered donkey to behave.
And so to the rest of us. This morning here in France, the media are softening citizens up with headlined suggestions that seasonal flu jabs are ‘strongly recommended’ and may one day soon be obligatory. This is simply more bad science being reclothed as good.
Every week across the world – with Australia leading the vanguard at the moment – totally unnecessary and democratically dangerous edicts, instruments, powers and laws are being brought in with near-zero attention to the obvious dystopian risks attached.
I’m not going to make any more impassioned pleas for The People to wake up and say “No”. The case for Covid19 as a virus that justifies a rapid dash towards totalitarian corporatocracy is risible, easily demolished and profoundly suspcious at a higher level of ‘gameplan’. But the jury of our peers is persuaded that Covid the Patsy is really Conan the Destroyer.
All I say at this point – and it is three minutes to midnight on the Liberty Clock – is that the sane and considered 16% can no longer stand aside and say, “But what good will that do?” It’s a bit late for that.
Either we organise and pressurise and undermine and badger and disobey, or all really will be lost.
Above all, we need a medium safe from misinformation, censorship and closure that will stop the clock.
It is very hard at times to get Covidiots to actually pay attention to the stats, so what follows is a sort of Dick & Jane graph that spells out the banal truth about Covid19: it is barely if at all adding to net deaths per annum. That is to say, like the "jobless economic recovery" we were told about ten years ago, C19 has joined the seasonal cull club, but it has stolen market share from the other nasties rather than expanding the sector....if you'll excuse the business metaphors:


Penultimately, you may find this link to the World Economic Forum useful as a sign of the global travel controls that lie ahead:
The World Economic Forum meets.....at Davos.

And finally, if you think Global Pharma sociopathy is something new, think again....the link below is to a scholarly article from 2013 that excoriates their behaviour:
<![CDATA[VOLCANIC ERUPTION AMONG BELGIAN FRONTLINE MEDICS]]>Wed, 23 Sep 2020 08:30:14 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/volcanic-eruption-among-belgian-frontline-medics
Kind of hard to write that off as conspiracy theory, hmm?
Similar pleas have been sent to the Whittys, Faucis and Astrazenicas of this world.
Boris Johnson gave a TV address to the British nation last night, replete with his usual Churchillian bluff and bluster, and yet devoid of one key element: AN EXPLANATION OF THE POLICY'S OBECTIVE.
This isn't political nit-picking, it's central to the whole debate, viz: what does he think this new 6-month restrictions set is going to achieve?
I ask the question in the light of the empirical data series we have before us: cases are rising (because testing is more widespread) and deaths are falling (because management techniques for infected patients have improved)....but overall, seasonal death averages first time around were below normal, and this "wave" is smaller.
Is it to protect the NHS?
If so, how is shutting down the economy whose tax payments FUND the NHS going to help the NHS?
Surely it would be better to find a one-off payment and rearm the NHS now?
Certainly, it would be both cheaper in the short term, and better value for the NHS's need to continue longer term as a National Health Service.
Do the sums, politicians: we lost £2 trillion in gdp during the Spring. That's over THIRTEEN times the size of the NHS budget.
But for Daniel Finkelstein, it's not enough....
Examine that face closely. Then ask yourself what qualities one needs to be a Times Oped writer these days. Personally, I'm baffled. But he is just one of millions of self-assigned 'informed commentators' who put out stuff which never checks out. A good example on Twitter this morning - 'The ICU at Bordeaux hospital is almost full. It's not looking good'.
So I rang an acquaintance there.
"The ICU here is always full," he stated, "Bordeaux is a big city".
On Sky News, you can watch the weather forecasts round the world in the last few minutes of every hour.
In Covidiotville, the forecast is always for locust plagues, Killer bee swarms, boils on every body part and giant ice-balls on every head.
And the more reality intervenes to poke Job in the eye, the more insane the projections of horror get.
This piece at The Slog may help you get to grips with why this global hypochondria has gained traction:
<![CDATA[UK CABINET DECLARED OFFICIALLY MAD - HOIST BY ITS OWN FACADE]]>Sat, 19 Sep 2020 11:11:09 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/uk-cabinet-declared-officially-mad-hoist-by-its-own-facade
Boris Johnson is preparing for hundreds of daily coronavirus deaths within weeks as his scientific advisers warn there is no reliable alternative to another national lockdown.
The prime minister admitted yesterday that Britain was “now seeing a second wave coming in” and it was “inevitable” that the virus would sweep across the country again.
Downing Street has been told by the government’s Joint Biosecurity Centre, which monitors the spread of the infection, that Britain is now six weeks behind Spain, which recorded 239 deaths on Thursday.
What can I add to what has already been recorded here?

Cases are rising but death rates have plummeted.
Yes, the i
nfections may well have doubled in a week - but are still rising in areas where local restrictions on socialising have been imposed. So what good are the socialising regulations?
Positive cases increased last week in 42 out of 44 areas in England subject to local measures, Public Health England said. This is all very well, but 27 additional deaths (only 9 of which at most will be from Covid19 as the sole pathogen) still represents A FALLING DEATHRATE.
A fortnight ago, we were told that PHE had been 'disbanded'.
But here it is....still pumping out alarmist drivel.
UK citizens need to ask why their Nation is being sacrificed on the altar of Alchemy.

<![CDATA[MR HANCOCK'S PECULIAR IDEA OF "A SPIKE"]]>Fri, 11 Sep 2020 16:06:39 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/mr-hancocks-peculiar-idea-of-a-spikePicture
To your left here is yesterday's data from Worldometer on Coronavirus cases and deaths in the UK.
As Covid19 infects a wider proportion of the population (thus building valuable Herd Immunity - top left) the death rate continues to fall. This is because:
1. Infection management is improving
2. More healthy individuals are getting it and recovering
3. Testing results in earlier treatment of the infirm.
Bottom left, you can see that deaths per se are flatlining, and death rates have plummeted.
Our idiot Health Minister Matt Hancock wants to bring in further blatantly anti-libertarian laws on the basis of 14 deaths. These laws will make zero difference (pace the Swedish learnings) but are being brought in without any recourse to either contrarian medical opinion or the legislature.
Hancock is the archetype of a hopelessly mediocre politician who fears that any acceptance of having got it wrong since March 18th will damage his ambitions. The Prime Minister is supporting his blind egotism for the exact same reason.
As a Allison Pearson wrote at the Daily Telegraph two days ago, "we are in a state of existential insanity".

<![CDATA[CASES OF COVID ARE RISING, DEATH RATES ARE PLUMMETING]]>Thu, 10 Sep 2020 06:09:48 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/cases-of-covid-are-rising-death-rates-are-plummetingIgnore the media obsessions, and focus on the data. Picture
 AstraZeneca pauses COVID-19 vaccine trials for ‘routine’ checks due to ‘potentially unexplained illness’ during tests....aka, nasty side effects, things not going well.

A valued UK source sends me the following:

'went to Bournemouth hospital for a check up after an op and talking to the staff was told they will not be allowed leave between October and March as they are gearing up for the second wave or is it the third with a peak Jan Feb. Bang in the middle of the normal flu season which is probably what it will Be but they’ll call it Covid won’t they☹️
They have a whole suite of Covid wards ( the Bournemouth Nuffield clinic as was) fully staffed current patients? Nil...

More real science from a respected practitioner:
Excellent blog from Malcolm Kendrick on careless interpretation of data

 This from Allison Pearson at the UK Telegraph:
I despair, I really do.  
The powers of the wretched Coronabeast are waning fast. 
“It has burnt through the dry grass, mainly those who would have died anyway in the next few months, and now it is infecting younger age groups but not harming them,” says a scientist friend. Admissions are only a fraction of the level compared to the peak of the pandemic despite warnings of a second wave rolling across Europe. 
Covid has gone from our wards, has been for weeks” reports the head nurse at one of the UK’s largest hospitals, “I can’t understand what the Government are going on about.
(The Telegraph is now the one leading MSM title in the UK being openly dismissive of the Government's handling of the 'largely benign' threat from Coronavirus).

The Game Plan at Big Pharma is to make the world believe that only vaccines can stop viruses.
In fact, the opposite is true.
Among the bankers, all they want is a Patsy to explain the coming financial disaster, why cash must be banned and why they need all our money now.
If you had said to me even 15 years ago that one day I'd believe that, I'd have laughed at you.
But it is blindingly obvious that this is what's happening.
Allison Pearson at the Telegraph calls it 'an existential state of madness'. But it is madness feigned, not genuine.

Despite this, UK Health Minister Matt Hancock has banned by Law any meetings of more than six people.


<![CDATA[POLITICISED COVID19 SCAREMONGERING AS OFFICIAL NARRATIVE LOSES GRIP]]>Sat, 05 Sep 2020 09:38:23 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/politicised-covid19-scaremongering-as-official-narrative-loses-gripAccording to Pew Research in the US, the number of Republican voters who see the Covid19 State narrative as 'overhyped' rose sharply between April and June this year to 54%. Only 18% of Democrat voters see things that way, but then a large minority of Dems see Antifa and BLM as sterling supporters of minority rights with no underlying agenda.
With an election now into the final straight, it is clear that - like almost everything else now - a largely benign virus has first of all been weaponised by Global Pharma, and then politicised by those who want Trump gone.
Type ‘Covid19’ into Google these days, and it would seem that Coronavirus has mutated into large, ugly blue buboes all across the continent, and the spikes are at their peak in France, Spain, Britain, Italy, Germany and Poland.
Naturally, Google don't give any death numbers - so here they are: UK – 13, France – 20, Spain – 40, Germany – 6, Italy – 10, Poland – 14.
These numbers vary slightly above or below the number of daily road deaths, depending on the individual country.
So we should all stop driving, right?
In England, we have seen PHE disgraced and disbanded for overcounting fatalities by more than 20%.
And now – in the last week, the CDC in the US has finally relented and done an analysis of how many C19 deaths that were pure, single pathogen related – ie, Coronavirus only. The answer? Just 6%. As for US citizens testing positive, any element resembling Covid19 in the blood earns a positive result.
In a war, they say, the first casualty is Truth. The West is now engaged in a Civil War between left-wing intelligentsia and the 3% gigarich on the one hand, and ordinary, decent , commonsense citizens on the other.

1,019 students at S Carolina University have got Covid19, screamed the New York Times last Wednesday.
You had to dig right down to the local newspaper before reading that 1 guy is dead.
So that’s a 0.097% death rate. Oh my God.
More hype in Britain; extracts from the Government's consultation document:
‘COVID-19 is the biggest threat this country has faced in peacetime history, which is why the UK government is working to a scientifically led, step-by-step action plan for tackling the pandemic – taking the right measures at the right time.’
'However, if there is a compelling case, on public health grounds, for using a vaccine before it is given a product licence, given the nature of the threat we face, the JCVI may take the very unusual step of advising the UK government to use a tested, unlicensed vaccine against COVID-19....'
So People, how does it feel to be a ......


<![CDATA[MSM SCARE-STORIES GO INTO HYPERDRIVE AS THE SHADOW STATE LOSES ITS GRIP ON THE COVID19 "DEADLY KILLER" NARRATIVE]]>Sat, 05 Sep 2020 08:40:48 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/msm-scare-stories-go-into-hyperdrive-as-the-shadow-state-loses-its-grip-on-the-covid19-deadly-killer-narrative]]><![CDATA[Covid19 bad science as part of a broader move towards totalitarianism]]>Wed, 02 Sep 2020 14:47:04 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/covid19-bad-science-as-part-of-a-broader-move-towards-totalitarianismIt has now emerged (unofficially) that despite overdosing patients by a factor of four during the UK Government’s ‘trial’ of HCQ as a Covid19 management drug, no action has been taken against Horby and HCQ is still on the NHS blacklist. If that continues, thousands will die needlessly. Peter Horby stands accused of potential manslaughter against 38 patients; and also of malpractice in ignoring the correct dosage and cocktail for the drug.
Over 50,000 attended the Trafalgar Square demo last Saturday. The media either blanked it or damned it with ludicrous headlines.
With the exception of the Guardian, the BoJo “consultation” document I examined at length elsewhere yesterday was ignored by the British media.
The PHE overcounting fraud was investigated in secret and put down to incompetence.

The victories of Might over Right have been myriad in the last five years. In May 2016, I posted as follows:
this [Bourse globalism] is the mechanism upon which the future of the United Kingdom is at present massively overdependent. By contrast, rejecting it is the basis upon which I campaign for more devolution to communal mutualism, reduction of our dependence on globalism, a greater variety of capital support models beyond bourses, justice for the Waspi Campaign and our secession from the European Union within two years of a Brexit vote on June 23rd.
Centrally controlled socialist command economies are not the answer. They have failed to avoid massive corruption or produce widespread wealth in society, be that in China, the USSR, North Korea, Vietnam, Venezuela, Zimbabwe or Cuba.
Above all, any Big Central State one-size-fits-all mentality intrinsically threatens the liberty of the Sovereign Citizen, and removes their sense of communal responsibility.
 The NHS is being strangled by Big Pharma, whose determination to vaccinate the entire human race is beaten only by that of Bill Gates to track, trace and jab.
In December 2016, I posted to observe that no state can be delusional and civilised at the same time
Over 75% of UK adults are in denial about the ridiculous piffle that makes up the Covid19/Vaccination narrative.
Over 90% of the media openly encourage that denial.
Britain is in a delusional state, and that’s why every element of civilisation is being dumped in favour of technocratic power and the creation of a Patsy behind which The Great Reset can hide.

Stopping Big Pharma is the last chance saloon, because stopping the Covid nonsense will back the bankers into a corner from which they can’t escape.
New Parties for our legislatures are, until such are cleaned up, a total waste of time.

At this point, frankly, there’s not a lot one can add.

<![CDATA[Censorship of Covid19 truths + media misrepresentation of anti-Vaxx motives]]>Sun, 30 Aug 2020 09:36:47 GMThttp://covidisinfectant.com/news-blog/censorship-of-covid19-truths-media-misrepresentation-of-anti-vaxx-motives

That was the somewhat bizarre headline in the Evening Standard yesterday as regards the entirely peaceful London demonstration to oppose the Government's Pharmacentric Covid19 "strategy", and oppose any mad ideas the Johnson administration might have about obligatory vaccination against an insipid Coronavirus pandemic.
The initial headline yesterday said 'hundreds' but the police said 'tens of thousands', so I fired a complaint at the Standard. I'd imagine many other people did the same, because for the later editions, they changed it.
It is odd, is it not, to see a once-respected British newspaper headlining that several thousand people gathered in Trafalgar Square purely to promote conspiracy theories. One wonders what the subs at ES have in their minds when they decide on such a line: what motives do they think those who don't trust Global pharma have in inventing something when the very ground we walk upon is littered wth their malfeasance?
Boris Johnson wrote the demonstrators off as "nuts", which is why - over at The Slog - John Ward opines that having obtained some form of Brexit, BoJo is now surplus to requirements.
In Berlin later in the afternoon, thousands gathered with the same agenda, and the EU media set was equally blasé in its formulaic use of 'conspiracy theory', 'covid deniers' and the general Establishment framing we have come to expect.
Just to reiterate: less than one hundredth of one per cent of Covid19 victims have died. It's mortality is restricted to 12% of the population, and going forward, management drugs are ensuring that 96/100 of these 75 years + survive. To lock down 100% of the economy in that statistical context was undiluted economic and medical insanity.
Demonstrators in London and Berlin were not hysterical fringe nutjobs in denial of Covid 19 and the value of genuinely tested, safe vaccination against serious disease. Of course Covid19 exists, but it is not a serious virus.
If the media want a conspiracy theory, they should ask why ALL the Western Establishments have rubbished Hydroxychloroquaine despite its proven efficacy.
The answer, of course, is that there is no Pharma profit in HCQ.
Follow the money.